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Stockeld Park is Yorkshire’s largest and perhaps most renowned Christmas Tree grower and Christmas Tree supplier. Real Christmas Trees have been grown on the Estate for over 100 years, but the evolution into a major commercial operation began in 1986.

Today, there are some 500,000 Christmas Trees in the ground at Stockeld Park, covering some 250 acres. The overwhelming majority of trees grown on the Estate are Nordmann Firs, with the traditional Norway Spruce also grown in smaller numbers.

Our Nordmann Fir trees are grown to a wide range of sizes, with a focus between four and eight feet. Our Norway Spruce are larger, and are primarily suitable for outdoor use in domestic and commercial settings. We do also grow larger Nordmann Christmas Trees for use in town centres and other outdoor settings.

At Stockeld Park, attention to detail and the pursuit of the highest standards of excellence are paramount. Throughout the year, every single Christmas Tree on the plantation is individually cultivated by hand, ensuring the development of the very highest quality trees across all ranges. This is only made possible by the dedication and experience of our team, who have refined our growing techniques over several decades.


Please feel free to explore this site for more information about our trees, including quality grades and options for collection and delivery.




(Abies Nordmanniana)

The overwhelming majority of Christmas Trees grown on the Stockeld Park Estate are Nordmann Firs. The Nordmann is favoured for its straight central trunk and beautiful symmetry.


The needles, which are dark green on top and silver-grey underneath, stay on the branches for up to 20 years, longer than any other fir tree. This helps to create a dense canopy from the tip of the tree down to the ground.


All this is what makes the Nordmann such an outstanding non-needle drop Christmas Tree and the most popular for retail by Christmas Tree suppliers across the United Kingdom.

Nordmann Fir needles


(Picea Abies)

The traditional Victorian Christmas Tree, the Norway Spruce is favoured for its classical shape and beautiful scent. The widespread use of the Norway Spruce as a Christmas Tree dates back to 1841 when Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, introduced the custom of decorating a spruce tree with lights. The tendency of the Spruce to drop its needles has reduced its popularity in recent years, although the tree is still sought-after by some traditionalists.

Stockeld Park maintains a small number of Norway Spruces on the Estate, the vast majority 10 feet and above, making them especially suitable for outdoor use in domestic and commercial settings.

Norway Spruce needles
Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree pruning


Stockeld Park guarantees all our customers quality real Christmas Trees freshly cut from our plantations. We are consistently innovating and refining our growing techniques, from seedling to fully-grown tree, with a view to providing our customers with the very best quality, real non-needle drop Christmas Tree.

Whether selected for collection or delivery, we guarantee our wholesale customers that all trees go directly from field to pallet; there’s no waiting round in cold storage as with some other growers and Christmas Tree suppliers.

If for any reason you are unhappy with any of your trees, we will gladly replace them free of charge provided you contact us within two days of purchase or, where applicable, delivery.

Stockeld Park is a registered member of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association.



Nordmann Fir Premium Christmas Tree


Our highest tree grade, Premium trees have a dense canopy from top to bottom, together with beautiful symmetry. Whilst these are the most expensive trees we sell, you can be confident of strong profit margins and a high level of customer satisfaction.




Every bit as green and strong as the Premium grade, the Standard tree will usually be distinguished by slightly less foliage between the first and second whorls, and sometimes by slight shape irregularities. Make no mistake, however, this is still a quality tree, on which profit margins can often be higher than with Premium grade.

Nordmann Fir Economy Grade Christmas Tree


Economy trees will not usually constitute a major element in wholesale orders for resale to the public. These trees are usually for use in settings where perfection is less of a consideration than price. Economy trees will generally be less dense than trees from the other grades, and may have some shape irregularities.


Take a look at a range of Stockeld Park's Premium-grade real Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees with this short walk-through video. All trees tagged with a red label are graded Premium.


Take a look at a range of Stockeld Park's Standard-grade real Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees with this short walk-through video. All trees tagged with a blue label are graded Standard.



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We are able to deliver anywhere within the UK and overseas if desired.

All our Christmas Trees are supplied in nets. For orders in excess of 150 trees up to 240 cm (8 ft) in height, delivery will be on pallets. Trees bigger than 240 cm are delivered loose, as are most local orders below 150 trees. 

Depending on size of order and location, Stockeld Park offers a multiple and adjustable delivery service, allowing you to receive your trees over several deliveries. Not only will this ensure your trees are as fresh as they can be, it also permits you to adjust your order depending on how sales on prior deliveries are performing.



Customers are also invited to collect ordered trees directly from the Stockeld Park Estate.


Here, you can save on delivery costs and see our extensive Christmas Tree plantations for yourself. Collection can take place any time and any day as per your convenience.

Address for Collection:

Foxheads Farm

Park Lane, Spofforth, HG3 1BY


All prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate. Payment in full is due either by cash on collection, or by cleared funds in our bank account before collection or delivery, unless by prior arrangement.